The Santaceptor

About The Santa Claus? Police Interceptor?? Santa Interceptor??? Santaceptor!!!!!

We have a relationship with Action Media Hire Ltd, our founder and corporate director of The Santaceptor c.I.C. whom provide and amend a Police Interceptor Action Vehicle that usually stars in TV and Film work but gets a tweaked livery for our fundraiser.

Sir Robert Peel, the former Prime Minister and founder of modern British Policing, comes from our hometown of Bury, which is where the inspiration comes from to have the world’s very first Santaceptor and our ambition to maintain our connection to the town of Bury in Greater Manchester.

The portmanteau of Santa Claus and a Police Interceptor is the name given to our project and the vehicle which PC Claus uses to patrol the area and check that children are behaving. PC Claus only deals with the behaviour of children with his colleagues at Greater Manchester Police dealing with adults who have not been behaving.

The Santaceptor is Committed to:

  • Working constructively between our Partners, sponsors and our charity of the year.
  • Remaining Apolitical, the project may endeavour to work with elected officials but will not allow party politics to associate with us. Any elected official can donate to the project using personal funds or those Available due to their position in Office, however they will not be able to sponsor or Partner the project
  • Cooperating with businesses and securing sponsorship funds and/or services ‘in kind’ that are beneficial to the C.I.C.
  • maintain vital relations with project partners.
  • Continuing to promote the Cultural, community and charitable offerings in the borough through Community Partnerships.
  • Suspending or terminating any relationship or association with third parties if it would have a detrimental effect to the reputation and/or Intellectual property of The Santaceptor C.I.C., the charity Of the year, sponsors or partner organisations of the project.

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