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What's it all about?

The Santaceptor C.I.C. is a non-profit Community Incorporated Company in Bury, Greater Manchester. Home to the world’s only bespoke ‘Police Interceptor’ for the exclusive usage of P.C. Claus to check the behaviour of local children.

Santa distributes sweet treats to good children that are provided by our sponsors, meanwhile volunteer helpers collect donations to assist with the projects operational costs and all remaining funds benefit our chosen charity of the year.

Bury's multifaceted annual project

Local Business

Funded by business sponsors in exchange for PR and marketing options at the busiest and most commercial time of the year.

Local Culture

Linking in with the cultural sector to raise their profile a long with our campaign.

Local People

Distributing over 1500 selection boxes to local children at no compulsory cost to take part.

Local Charity

We are joined by volunteers for a local charity that collect monetary donations from members of the public who wish to "pay it forward" to our chosen beneficiary.

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